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The Canavese valleys, and in particular the hilly areas of the Alto Canavese and of the Valle Sacra are known for their production of fruit, especially berries and delicious apples, with crops raised naturally, through integrated pest control or organic agriculture. From the fruit and vegetables, local businesses derive marmalades, fruit juices, creams, sauces, pickles in oil, pickles in vinegar and other specialities (which you can find at our partners Cascina Amalthea of Borgiallo, Agritourism La Bedina of Rivara). The beautiful vineyards that characterize the mild hilly landscape around the Sacro Monte of Belmonte produce a light and sparkling red wine derived from mixed blends in which the Nebbiolo grape prevails. These territories have recently been included in the Canavese DOC (Controlled Designation of origin) and are launching new productions of great interest. The “historic” places for the production of wine in the Canavese valleys are undoubtedly the extraordinary slopes of Carema, an area of the Dora Baltea with terraced vineyards clinging unto the rocks, with the typical stone “topion”, where the prestigious Nebbiolo di Carema DOCis produced. The Azienda Agricola Caretto, associated with the Consortium, produces all the DOC Canavese wines: Erbaluce di Caluso, Passito, Canavese Rosso, Canavese Bianco, and the Agritourism Il Tarassaco, which produces Erbaluce and Passito. Not only wine, a great craft beer has recently begun to be produced here at the agricultural holding Terra di Mezzo at Filia di Castellamonte. As for the distillates , the speciality of the Alpine valleys of the Canavese area is genepi , which is produced by the agricultural holding L’ort de Tchampiy, inside the Gran Paradiso National Park, in harmony with nature. Among the related products we will mention the chocolate cream with genepi and the genepini (chocolates filled with genepi).


The cheeses present their peaks of character and quality in the cow or goat tomino cheeses, fresh or cured, and in the pasture cow toma cheeses, sometimes flavoured with herbs and chili pepper or processed with typical methods like the bross and salignon cheeses. The toma of Ceresole , already mentioned in historical documents in 1400, and the civrin of Valchiusella represent some of the typical cheeses of the territory, but each area has its specificity, in a magnificent gastronomic biodiversity. Among the wonderful goat cheeses we will mention those of the agricultural holding Cà Veja of Agliè.

The cheeses can be enjoyed with the honey and stewed fruit produced in the Valleys, from the typical Canavese chutney (a kind of Cognà) to the most daring combinations that blend tradition and innovation (pear and saffron, fruit and vegetable chutney).

The production of cold cuts also has its moments of glory with the typical potato salami, to be eaten fresh, and the rustic lard . Another typical cold cut is the mocetta that used to be produced with chamois meat and is nowadays made with goat meat. The local honey which you can find at the beekeeper Marcco Pezzetti in Locana (chestnut, rhododendron, dandelion, alpine flora, acacia) is produced at a family level but with remarkable variety in terms of quantity. Also of interest are the products of the forest such as berries, wild herbs, chestnuts and mushrooms. Among the typical sweets we will mention the soft macaroons, the maize biscuits, the butter torcetti, the ancient giuraje and Gran Paradiso pralines , specialities of the pastry shop Perotti in Pont.

The flour of the ancient local varieties of corn, red pignoletto and nostrano dell’isola, is used to prepare, in addition to maize biscuits, wonderful polenta that can be accompanied by the cheeses or wild game.

You can find these products of excellence at producers who are members of the Consortium.

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