Project title Map2Graies
Partners Canavese Valleys LAG (Promoter), Lanzo Ceronda and Casternone Valleys LAG, Coldiretti provincial federation, City of Turin, Chamber of Commerce of Turin.
Source of funding Chamber of Commerce of TURIN (project co-financed by the partners).
Description The main purpose of the project is to promote the networking of production, tourism, cultural and environmental resources of the mountain and rural area around Turin. The initiative covers the territories of the Ciriacese-Lanzo Valleys, the western area of the Canavese and the area near Ivrea for a total of 146 municipalities and more than 275 thousand inhabitants. The Map2Graies project, in continuity with the previous Map2Coop (Mapping to Cooperate) project, intends to map and share the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the Italian side of the Graian Alps. Mapping is used to geo-locate and to explain the value of the local products, knowledge, know-how and goods. The result will be the starting point for dialoging with the local development players on the French side of the Alps and to determine strategic cross-border development objectives. Map2Graies involves young people, entrepreneurs, municipalities, local public institutions, business organizations, trade unions and civil society organizations in an open and collective mapping journey. The workshop will be held between the 22nd and the 24th of March, 2016 at the public spaces of the Municipality of Bosconero (TO) and is aimed at twenty young residents of the reference area. Map2Graies allows the participants to learn some useful tools to create development projects of the territories where they live, study and work. The training days are split between theory and tutorials. The journey ends with the selection of three persons which will be hired by the project partners to map the land resources over three months, from April to June 2016. The three young people selected will have a day of training on the use of the OpenStreetMap platform and its related software; in parallel there will be a preliminary study of the local development planning documents and of the projects implemented in the area in the past decade in order to select the thematic areas for the analysis of the area's resources. In order to accurately and collectively define the resources and relevant information to be included in the map, local administrators, entrepreneurs, professional organizations, trade unions and civil society organizations will be involved starting in April. The young people will set up an on-line map divided according to the different thematic layers that were chosen. The map and the informative data base will be populated with information until June 2016. The complete map will be presented during the project's final event to be held in July 2016.
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