Project title: Enhancement and promotion of the tourist offering and the local products of the companies in the LAG area of the Canavese Valleys.
Source of funding: Compagnia di San Paolo (project co-financed by the partners).
Description: The project will be developed in 36 municipalities of the Canavese area. Alto Canavese has been characterised by an alarming growth of poverty. The objective of the project “RADICI” is to strengthen and expand the support network, that is already present on the territory, involving new key players belonging to different categories, no longer indentified only as associations and public bodies, but also social agricultural holdings and farms allied in order to help people living in unfavourable situations. This will be realized through the construction of social inclusion paths and the enhancement of beneficiaries’ potential, who will be actively involved in the planned actions.
General and specific objectives af the project:
- To increase the ability to meet the basic needs of people in need, reducing food waste and increasing the collection and distribution of extra agricultural production of fresh food;
- To improve the inclusive capability of the territory by involving farms and agricultural holdings in social agriculture paths;
- To create opportunities in self-contained food for people in need, and in the meantime raising awareness among public municipalities in order to make available to the public their own agricultural land;
- To stimulate the ability of the beneficiaries in social reactivation and active participation in respect of welfare interventions.
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