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Project title The Road to Gran Paradiso 2014
Partners City of Turin, Canavese Valleys LAG, Turin and Province Tourism, Gran Paradiso National Park, Canavese Valleys Tourist Operators Consortium, Municipalities of Alpette, Borgiallo, Bosconero, Castellamonte, Castelnuovo Nigra, Ceresole reale, Cintano, Chiesanuova, Colleretto Castelnuovo, Feletto, Frassinetto, Ingria, Locana, Noasca, Orzegna, Pratiglione, Pont Canavese, Ribordone, Rivara, Rivarolo Canavese, Ronco Canavese, San Benigno Canavese, San Ponso, Sparone, Valperga, Valprato Soana.
Source of funding Canavese Valleys LAG, participating municipalities.
Description The purpose of the "Road to Gran Paradiso" project is to enhance and promote the western Canavese as an area with a natural, cultural and economic relevance whose resources make it potentially attractive to tourism. Within the context of the project we organized and promoted a total of six itineraries to discover the western Canavese, which could be explored by the general population during two days that were dedicated to the event, which also included a shuttle service from Turin. The event took place on Sunday 13 JUL 2014, and on Sunday 14 SEP 2014 and on Sunday 21 SEP 2014; a guide service was provided along the way that allowed the tourists to benefit fully from the experience. Within the context of the project we promoted local events through the printing of a brochure containing the schedule of all summer events from June to September 2014.
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