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During the 2007-2013 programming phase the Canavese Valleys LAG activated a Local Service Desk for assistance to businesses. Its goal was to inform, build, improve, innovate and convert existing businesses or business ideas by activating: a general information and orientation service; the supply of specialized consulting services; the development of invigoration and communication activities.

The Service Desk has supported the birth of new businesses in the LAG’s area and the strengthening of the local entrepreneurial system (in particular the sectors of tourism, forestry, public services) thanks to the development of joint projects and cooperation among local businesses.

Added value was given by the synergy between the Service desk and the MIP (the service promoted by the province of Turin which offers free support for the creation of new businesses).




In the context of the 2014-2020 program, consultancy support is available. The support operator will be the key point of reference for the potential beneficiaries of the LAG’s activities. Over time, they will become an authoritative point of reference for businesses and local institutions. In this regard, it needs to be noted that one of the elements most appreciated by the users of the 2007-2013 program was the presence of the Service desk operator, a constant and easily accessible support.


In particular, the tasks of the operator will include:

  • a constant invigoration and communication activity toward local actors in collaboration with the LAG’s technical structure;
  • the initial reception of users and their orientation regarding the LAG’s initiatives;
  • support of the beneficiaries during the application phase and the subsequent implementation of operations;
  • management of suppliers and service providers for communication and business invigoration;
  • the management of the LAG’s press office.

In order to facilitate potential beneficiaries’ access to information and business invigoration services, the Information Desks at three municipalities will be restored: Rivara, Settimo Vittone, Pont Canavese. Furthermore, a collaboration between the LAG and the regional business creation service desks (MIP) will be initiated.

The institutional website and social networks will be constantly updated to guarantee a timely dissemination of initiatives.

Business creation

The following services are aimed at potential entrepreneurs who have the intention of launching an independent production process:

  • assessment of the business plan;
  • analysis and resolution of the problems of the plan.

The aim is to define and test the feasibility of the individual elements of the business plan in order to provide the regional business creation service desks (MIP) with a solid foundation on which to base its economic-financial assessments.

Elaboration of the Business Plan (through the MIP regional business creation service desks).

Developing existing businesses

1.Support in identifying and accessing financing channels

The service supports users in identifying possible sources of funding to cover planned investments, structuring a well-balanced financial plan and dealing with banks to identify accessing procedures to the most advantageous solutions.

2.Support in building and developing collective formats and cooperation agreements

The service responds to the need of identifying effective formats, rules of operation and management modes during the creation of cooperations among local operators, such as the creation of consortia or business networks, during the elaboration of agreements to initiate specific development projects and during the collective search for marketing channels.

3.Assessment of financial, administrative and management problems

The service is aimed at the elaboration of economic-financial assessments, the identification of the most appropriate legal status, the definition of the management mode most suitable to new businesses and, in general, the improvement and optimization of management.

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